The Militant Blog Version 2.0! LFG!

Testing…testing…one two…check one two…

Are we on? Hello? Hello? Whatup?!

Welcome to the Militant Angeleno’s new home on the World Wide Web. After 16 years of the format (and hitting its formatting limitations), The Militant has decided to pack up his things and move to greener virtual pastures.

Moving into a new place can be pretty daunting and intimidating. But the larger space and seeming potential can be inspiring and invigorating. Granted, other than his Epic CicLAvia Tour guide posts, he hasn’t been the most consistent blogger for a while, as he has shifted his focus to TwittX or (whatever they call it now), but on that note, the state of a standardized microblogging platform has gone into question due to its rather infantile owner, yet on the other hand no solid alternatives have come forth. But blogging is still an important way of marking down a digital document, when social media posts can be hard to recall for archiving purposes. At least The Militant still owns this site.

Speaking of which, this site would not have been possible if it weren’t for the support of some of all y’allz. So thank you to the following for start-kicking this web site and domain into gear:

Ronald Coolbaugh
Margaret Wehbi
Nathan Fan
Ahmad Al-Garee
Steven de Mena
Joe Ryan

The Militant does his thing as a volunteer, but he needs some love to keep this sustainable! If you want to make sure this brand spankin’ new website continues, do your part and contribute here via PayPal:

You ready? Let’s go…


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